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Summer 2017 Update

Summer 2017 Update

Greetings everyone and happy Summer 2017!

I’ve got several projects I’m working on at the moment.

In audiobook narration I have recently made some new contacts in the industry, and have submitted demos and my desire to work with new clients in audio. I’ve also been regularly submitting auditions for new titles. At the same time I have begun upgrading my studio so my work processes are simpler and easier. This includes outfitting my Studiobricks booth with the equipment to do punch and roll recording, a timesaver that many professional narrators now use in their home studios.

On the writing front, work on my first as yet untitled science fiction novel for The Ed Greenwood Group continues. The deadline for the novel is fast approaching, but never fear, I’m confident that I am on schedule. The novel will almost definitely continue into a series within TEGG’s The Great Galactic Game setting. I am also working on other writing, including two short stories which have both been sent in to the publisher and now have been returned to me with requests for revision. Both of those should also see the light of day through TEGG in the future. My latest short story leans toward mythic fantasy, and has received praise so far from readers. I’m looking forward to unleashing it on the world.

I’m enjoying summer immensely so far, and work continues apace. What more could a creative ask?

Best wishes,

Bryan Smart

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