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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Blog |

On Onder Librum

On Onder Librum

Greetings friends, listeners, and readers!

One of the most exciting projects in modern publishing is really starting to pick up steam!

The Ed Greenwood Group, made up of Ed, the Archmage himself, and his ‘sessorium of creatives’ — individuals he has selected to be involved in a myriad of creative projects — is currently creating everything from fantastic stories to works of art, games to audiobooks, and apparel to magazines.

Just recently TEGG has launched its official website, Onder Librum. The new website includes information on upcoming TEGG releases, including information about the 15 settings in which TEGG works will take place, and Onder Magazine, a new monthly periodical on all things TEGG. You can sign up to become a member of the website and receive special discounts and information. If you like urban fantasy, space opera, steam punk, horror, spy thrillers, and / or epic fantasy, Onder Librum will have a story for you.

And as you can imagine, I’m looking forward to sharing my written and audio work in Hellmaw, The Great Galactic Game, and other settings with you!

Check back here from time to time, and while you’re waiting to see my new work, head over to Onder Librum and check out all the awesome material (including the amazing settings), the benefits of Onder membership, and the first five novels published for the Hellmaw setting!




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